Branding Case Study

CK Strategies officially launched a rebrand consisting of a new logo, brand guidelines, and website.

Project Date: November 19, 2018

Why a Rebrand?

The early years of CK Strategies were built on the backs of a small team, with a new client base, and a niche set of skills allowing the brand to thrive. CK Strategies is now in a state of growth, and needs to adapt its brand to mirror the diversity of the work provided. CK Strategies is no longer simply a political firm, but a one-stop shop designed to fill a broad range of needs for a variety of clients.


As CK Strategies offers new services, serves new clients, and grows in experience, the consistent thread of teamwork and balance between company and client drives us forward. This encapsulates the never-ending feedback loop created and the development a project makes over time. With growth to come, CK Strategies will be guided by this ideal and the brand was built to reflect that goal.

Our New Look

Updated Logo
Rebrand Home Page
Rebranded Website

As one of the main services provided to clients, it was important to update this website to reflect the brands growth. This website is an embodiment of what CK Strategies plans to provide for its clients, in both quality and functionality. The updated look is meant to keep things simple and easy to navigate, and to modernize the site to match the time in which we live. The website is built to provide direct examples of the work for which CK Strategies is known, and serves as an easy to use tool for detailing each service provided.


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