The team at CK Strategies can cover each aspect of your needs. Working together, our strategists combine their expertise to ensure that every facet is considered to ensure success and avoid potential pitfalls.


Strategy and Planning

Through decades of experience, the CK Strategies team has developed and honed their abilities to ‘see the chess board’ when it comes to project planning, from lobbying to political campaigns to public relations. Each campaign timeline serves as the foundation for the strategy to reach your goals, whether you need a short-term fix for a problem or to take the long view and develop a strategy across a big picture. Each strategy is tailored to your scenario, utilizing existing internal resources and designed to be nimble to adjust to a changing market. CK Strategies will help you create the playbook for success.


Public Relations and Crisis Communications

In a competitive environment, your work can be valued simply based on who knows about it, and what they know. If you face a crisis scenario, guiding the public response is essential to survival. But before that point, the public should know about the good work that you do. Our public relations strategists have years of experience in securing positive earned media coverage and community awareness, paired with direct hands-on crisis response experience at the most intense levels. CK Strategies can help you weather – and avoid – the storm.


Government Relations

Through years of broad-ranging experience, CK Strategies has built strong relationships at every level of government. We provide clients with a range of government relations services, seeking solutions through lobbying, coalition building, and other public advocacy. Each member of the CK Strategies team has personal roots in Massachusetts and strong networks in different regions across the Commonwealth, with relationships at municipal, state and federal levels. We can help open the doors to get you in the room and ensure that your voice is a part of the conversation.


Grassroots and Grasstops Strategy

Our approach to public affairs is never singularly-focused, but rather we look at the relationships and levers you need to pull at all levels. Through coalition building, CK Strategies has created compelling and winning campaigns not only in the political sector but also in community-based development. The stakeholder voices at every level must be accounted for and addressed appropriately, to ensure that you have broad-based support to reach your goals.


Message Development

The success of any strategy depends upon your ability to communicate it precisely and effectively. Every message must be tailored to the specific audience, not simply in the language but in the delivery, tone, and direction to move closer to your goals. The importance of a localized message cannot be overstated when dealing with Boston- and Massachusetts-based projects in any field, and our strategists understand the culture, available media, and strongest communication methods to reach your audience.


Digital, Print and Website Design

Our in-house design and creative team will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to reality. From the very beginning brand development to each piece of collateral, CK Strategies will ensure that your company’s image reflects the professionalism, clarity and mission that serves as the foundation for your work.


Permitting and Land Use

Many cities and towns require a robust permitting process for developments. This process includes multi-layered approvals and a community process that engages neighbors and local organizations. Our strategists use their decades of experience in political campaigns to develop a comprehensive outreach plan that will build local support for your project. From neighborhood meetings to signature gathering and digital advertising, our clients receive step by step assistance as their project goes from conceptual to approval at all of the appropriate levels of government.